Nursing and Care

What We Do

Here at Waltham Hall we are fortunate to be able to offer traditional nursing care, modern personal care and responsive palliative care for residents who may require advanced support during their journey here with us. 

Being one of the few quality nursing homes in the county we are fortunate to be able to offer upgraded care when a residents care needs change which prevents a patient having to move settlings to receive the care they require. This continuity of care is beneficial to residents and their families avoiding disruption at the worse possible time

Activities & Nutrition

Health and wellbeing can be supported though a careful understanding of how to feed the mind, the body and the soul. At Waltham Hall we have the ideal mix of beautiful grounds, a stunning building dating back to the 1800’s and at its heart, as with any good home, is the kitchen. The attention to detail that goes into each individual meal is impressive, each meal made to the exact requirements of each resident each day. 

We offer a wide range of lead activities that are structured to promote the best possible physical and emotional well being. Getting old can be fun, even if its a bit different. We adapt sports and arts and crafts sessions to ensure they are inclusive and rewarding for all involved. 

Visiting Choir Singers

We have some amazing visits arranged throughout the year, both seasonal and fun, based on the interests of the residents and what they most enjoy.

Respite Care

This service can be reserved throughout the year often at short notice for a limiited period to cover a carers holiday or for a longer period following illness.


We are incredibly lucky to have hydrotherapy baths and relaxing bathrooms which make such a huge difference to a residents well being and their self esteem after some serious pamper time.

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